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DC apostille provides rush Apostille Attestation services for all US Documents destined for use overseas.

One Price for any type of Apostille $50.00 per document

US Documents must be affixed with Apostille Stamp to be valid for use in any of the member countries to the Hague Apostille Convention 1961.

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Apostille Attestation Service

Apostille Stamp for US Documents

The US government assigned two official entities to issue Apostille Seals on documents originated in the United States and destined for foreign use. The type of your document determine the right authority:

Apostille Seal for Federal documents

If your document is issued by a federal entity such as FDA, FBI, USPTO,…etc, it will require the authentications of the US Department of State in Washington DC to be recognized abroad.


The process takes 3 Business days – Fees: $50.00 per Apostille/Document

Examples of Federal Agencies:

  • Food & Drugs Administration Apostille (the FDA):

Free Sale Certificate(for Feed), Non-Clinical Research Use Certificate, Certificate to Foreign Government, Certificate of Exportability, Certificate of Pharmaceutical Products, COPP – Foreign Manufacturer and Specified Risk Materials of Bovine origin Material Certificate.

  • Federal Bureau of Investigations Apostille(the FBI):

FBI Background Check and Federal Court Judgements.

  • US Department of Agriculture Apostille (the USDA):

Plant Certificate, Animal Health Certificate, Phytosanitary Certificate and Sanitation Certificate.

  • US Patents and Trademark Office Apostille (the USPTO):

Patent and Trademark

  • Internal Revenue Service Apostille (the IRS):

Form 6166- US tax Residency Certificate- Double Taxation Certificate.

  • US Homeland Security Apostille:

Naturalization Certificate issued by USCIS Office.


  • Social Security Administration Apostille:

Social Security Benefit Letters

 Apostille Seal for Public State Documents

If your document is issued on the state level, it will require an apostille from the Secretary of State Offices (SOS) in all 50 States, depending on the State, in which State the document was originated.
The process takes One Business day – Fees: $50.00 per Apostille/Document
Click here to See a List of All 50 STATES

Examples of Public State documents:

  • Apostille Corporate document:

A Power of Attorney, Articles of Incorporation, merger, Affidavits, Corporate Agreement, Amendments, Acquisition and Certificate of Formation.

  • Apostille Educational documents:

Diploma, Transcripts, GRE, TESOL, and Associate Degree.

  • Apostille Vital Records:

Birth, Death, Marriage and Divorce.

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