Expedite Washington DC Apostille Service

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We provide expedited Italy apostille document authentication services. To use your document in Italy country you have to apostille it from U.S Washington DC department  of state to be used at Italy.
You can flow this guide to know how to apostille your documents
1-  obtain you documents apostilled from secretary of state where your documents issued
2 –  send you documents to apostille it from Washington DC to be used in Italy.
3- we send your apostilled documents ready to be used in Italy country

But what types of different documents you can apostilled to be used in Italy!?
If you arrange to live in Italy, marry, adapt a Italian children or want to work may be you have to obtain FBI background check And you have to apostille it from Washington DC department of state (DOS).
If you have commercial documents you want to obtain Italy apostille for it like:

  • FDA 
  • Uspto
  • Certificate of origin
  • USDA
  • Birth Certificate 

You also have to Apostilled it for Italy.

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