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Do you need to certify your document for use abroad?

Is your destination country still requires “Embassy Certificate” to validate the use of foreign documents?


Stay with us to know all about how you can legalize a US document for use in a non- Apostille country?


Non- Apostille countries

Non- Apostille Countries is a reference to all  countries that didn’t join the Hague Apostille Convention and still require embassy legalization to acknowledge the validity of a foreign document.

Click here to see  a list of all countries that require embassy legalization


Apostille Stamp Vs. Embassy Legalization

The Apostille Stamp is the simplified form of international authentication that was first introduced in 1961 during the Hague Apostille Convention to abolish foreign document legalization requirements and to replace its complicated procedures with a much more simpler form, which is the “ Apostille”.

However, there are more than 75 countries across the globe that still require the legalization of its embassy in Washington DC to validate the use of US documents.


We will go through the required procedures to legalize a US document for use in a non-Hague Country. You have to follow these steps in the same order:

  1. County Clerk Certification and State notarization
  2. Secretary of State “ Certification”
  3. US Department of State authentication
  4. Stamp of the US Arab Chamber of Commerce ”for certain countries only”
  5. Embassy or consulate legalization


Now, we will show you how  and where to obtain the required certification timely and easily


  1. County Clerk Certification and State notarization

The first step is to get your document notarized by a licensed notary public in your State, and then get the notary signature certified by your local County Clerk

  1. Certification from the Secretary of State Office

Contact the office of the Secretary of State in your State to obtain the”Certificate of Authentication”. You must attach a request form with your request, stating the destination country, in which you are going to use your document in. There are 50 offices for the Secretaries of State across the United States


  1. Authentication from the US Department of State

After obtaining State Certification from your local Secretary of State office, you must send your document to Washington DC for State Dep. authentication. The process usually takes about 4 business days, and costs $8.00 per document.


  1. The Stamp of the US Arab Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber stamp is required for document destined for use in the Arab World. The importing country or company request to stamp the document from the local Chamber of Commerce. The following countries require the stamp of the local chamber of commerce to acknowledge foreign documents :


Saudi Ar.


  1. Embassy / Consulate legalization

The last step is to contact the embassy of the destination country in Washington DC to obtain the embassy stamp. The process takes several days and varies from one embassy to another. After you obtain embassy legalization for your document, it will be ready for use outside the United States.


Documents eligible for Embassy Legalization


You can obtain embassy legalization for any type of documents issued in the United States and destined for use in a Non- Hague Convention Participating Country. Here are examples of US document that can be legalized:


  • Company Issued Documents


Any corporate document issued by a US corporation. Company issued documents require prior notarization before a licensed notary public in the same State that issued the document.

Examples of Corporate documents including, but not limited to:-


Minutes of Organizational Meeting of directors Certificate of Incumbency Power of Attorney. Shareholder List
Restated Certificate of Incorporation Certificate of existence Certificate of Analysis letter of Intent
Foreign Certificate of Registration Agency Agreement Letter of Resignation Operating Agreement
Shareholder certificate of Interest Business Letter Distributor Agreement Asset purchase Agreement
Foreign Certificate of Registration Letter of Authorization Amendment Bill of Sale
Termination of foreign Corporation Articles of Incorporation ISO Certificate Certificate of Formation
Shareholder Contribution Schedule Certificate of Merger Technical Data Sheet corporate Consolidation
Agreement to Form a Corporation Corporate Resolution Affidavit Change of Agent
Statement of Dissolution Company Bylaws Free sale Certificate Consolidation Certificate
Stock Purchase Agreement Business License Stock Certificate Certificate of Good Standing



  • Commercial Export Document


It is a document used for the exportation of goods and products outside the United States. An export document must be signed by a corporate agent and notarized by a notary public before it can be eligible for the Secretary of State certification.


Examples of Export documents including, but not limited to:-


Commercial Invoice Dangerous Goods Certificate Shipper Letter of Instruction
Certificate of Origin Consular Invoice Certificate of Analysis
Packing List Pro Forma Invoice Pre-Shipment Inspection
Bill of Lading (Air, Ocean, Truck, Rail) Letter of Credit Veterinary certificate
Insurance Certificate Export License Sales certificate
Halal Certificate Bank Draft Weight Certificate
Kosher Certificate Export Declaration Fumigation Certificate
Health Certificate Phytosanitary Certificate



  • Educational Documents


Educational documents or academic credentials must be issued by the public/ private schools/ universities in your State. Educational documents must be signed by the school/ university registrar and notarized by a commissioned notary public before it can be certified from the Secretary of State.


Examples of Educational Documents including, but not limited to:-


School/ College Transcript
School/ College Diploma
Teaching Credentials
TESOL Certificate
Bachelor Degree/ Certificate
Graduate Record Examination GRE
Doctorate Certificate
Master Degree
Associate Degree
Doctorate Degree


  1. Vital Records

Vital records are documents issued by the state agencies such as the local health departments and doesn’t require a prior notarization.


Examples of Educational Documents including, but not limited to:-


Birth Certificate
Death Certificate
Marriage Certificate
Divorce Certificate
Divorce decree
Driver License
US Passport


5. Federal Documents

Documents issued by federal entities or agencies such as the FDA, the FBI, the USPTO, the EPA, the USDA, the SSA, the IRS, and department of Homeland Security, require authentication from the US State Department in Washington DC.


Examples of Federal Documents including, but not limited to:-


FDA Documents FBI Document Homeland Security Documents
Sanitation Certificate Criminal Background Check Naturalization Certificate
BSE- Free Certificate. USPTO Documents Social Security Documents
Certificate of Free Sale (CFS). Patent Social Security Benefit Letter
Certificate of Exportability. Trademark
Certificate to Foreign Government (CFG). USDA Documents
Certificate of Non-Clinical Research Use Only Materials Certificate. Plant certificate
Good Manufacture Practice Certificate (GMP). Animal Health Certificate
Certificate of Pharmaceutical products (COPP). Phytosanitary Certificate
Certificate of Pharmaceutical product- Foreign Manufacturer IRS Documents
Specified Risk Material of Bovine, Ovine, and Caprine Origin Materials. Form 6166‐ US Tax Residency

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