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Apostille Federal Documents for international Use

DC Apostille provides expedited Apostille service for all types of federal documents destined for use outside the United States. We will certify your document from the US Department of State in Washington DC within just 4 business days. Request your Apostille now.

How much does DC Apostille charge per apostille?

DC Apostille charges only $45.00 per document apostille, including statutory fees. The price doesn’t include the shipping fee, customers will have to provide the prepaid self-addressed return envelope.

Frequently Asked Questions about Federal Apostille

DC Apostille receives dozens of requests to Apostille federal documents every week. We will demonstrate here some of the most common questions from our customers. However, if you still have inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact DC Apostille at: (202) 793-4200

How to request Expedited Apostille from DC Apostille?

You will have to prepare a package and includes the following documents:-

  • The document that need federal Apostille.
  • A check or money order with the total fee- made payable to “ DC Apostille”
  • Prepaid self-addressed return envelope
  • A request form that includes your personal contact information to contact you incase of any problem.

How to know if my document is ready for Federal Apostille?

To avoid any delays, you have to ensure your document is eligible for the Apostille process from the US Department of State in Washington DC. The document must be issued by one of the federal agencies in the United States such as the FDA, FBI, USPTO, USDA, IRS, EPA, SSA or Homeland Security Administration. The document must be original, not photocopied, and bear the official seal of the issuing agency.

What type of documents are eligible for Apostille from US Department of States?

Any document issued by the federal agency is eligible for US Department of State Apostille. We can list some of the popular documents, however, it is not a comprehensive list:

  • FDA Documents

Certificate of Free Sale (CFS).
Certificate of Exportability.
Certificate to Foreign Government (CFG).
Certificate of Non-Clinical Research Use Only Materials Certificate.
Certificate of Pharmaceutical products (COPP).
Certificate of Pharmaceutical product- Foreign Manufacturer
Specified Risk Material of Bovine, Ovine, and Caprine Origin Materials.

  • FBI Document

Criminal Background Check

  • USPTO Documents


  • USDA Documents

Plant certificate
Animal Health Certificate
Phytosanitary Certificate

  • IRS Documents

Form 6166‐ US Tax Residency

  • Homeland Security Documents

Naturalization Certificate

  • Social Security Documents

Social Security Benefit Letter

  • EPA Documents

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