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FBI Background check Apostille for use in Korea

If you want to start your teaching career in Korea, you will need to Apostille FBI Background Check at some point. Korea FBI Apostille can be obtained from DC Apostille in charge of $45.00 per document,
turnaround time is 4 business days. Order Apostille FBI for Korea now.

FBI Background Check VS. Police Clearance

Police Clearance

Police clearance is a state level Criminal Record check that is usually required for employment issue or for business license. It can be obtained from the local police station or law enforcement agencies in your state. It is directed to the employment agency or for the State Department, not handed to the person who request the record. It must be used within the United States.

FBI Background Check

On the other hand, Criminal Record Check issued by the Federal Bureau of Investigation can be used outside the United States after affixing an Apostille seal from the US Department of State. Only the person who is requesting the record can receive the result.

Apostille other Federal Document for Korea:

DC Apostille can authenticate documents issued from other federal agencies such as FDA, USDA, USPTO, IRS, EPA, Homeland Security and Social Security Administration.

Examples of federal documents

  • Certificate of Exportability
  • Certificate to Foreign government
  • Certificate of Pharmaceutical Products
  • SSA Benefit Letter
  • Naturalization certificate

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