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Los Angles Authentication Certificate (LA Apostille)

DC Apostille provides an expedited apostille service in LA. Our office is located in Los Angeles, 100 feet far from the Secretary of State.

Our service fee is divided as follows :

$ 26.00 Expedited State service.
$ 24.00 service fees.
Our fee is $50.00 per document without shipping fees.
We accept (Billing) only for companies.
We accept only (Money Order / personal check) for individuals.
We will apostille / authenticate your document(s) if it is received before 12 pm. Then we will ship it back to you on the same day.
In case we receive your document after 12 pm, then we will get it apostilled and shipe it back to you on the next business day.
We will pay you only after you receive your apostilled document(s).

Legal Documents

Agency Agreement
Articles of Incorporation
Articles of Organization
Board Resolution
Business License
Certificate of Amendment
Certificate of Analysis
Certificate of existence
Certificate of Free Sale
Certificate of Good Standing
Certificate of Incorporation
Certificate of Incumbency
Certificate of Merger
Certificate of Registration
Certificate of Status
Certified of ISO Certificate
Company Bylaws
Distributor Agreement
Letter of Authorization
Letter of Resignation
Patent Assignment
Power of Attorney
Technical Data Sheet
Trademark Assignment

Commercial Documents

Certificate of Origin
Commercial Invoice
Packing List
Halal Certificate

Personal Documents

Birth Certificate
Death Certificate
Divorce Certificate/Decree
Marriage License/ Certificate.

Los Angeles Apostille Service Address:

453 South Spring Street,Suite 734, Los Angeles, CA 90013


(213) 634-4500



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