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Washington DC Apostille helps US corporations establish wide business connections by providing international Apostille and embassy legalization for all types of US documents.

As we believe in sharing, we present the individual’s Guide on obtaining Secretary of State Apostille in all 50 States by yourself. You will not find a personal guide to State Apostille as accurate and comprehensive as ours.

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Hague Convention Countries

Albania Argentina Armenia Australia Austria Azerbaijan Bahamas Bahrain Barbados Barmuda
Belarus Belgium Belize Bolivia Bosnia Brazil Bulgaria Chile China Colombia
Costa Rica Croatia Cyprus Czech Denmark Dominican Rep. Ecuador El Salvador France Germany
Greece Guatemala Honduras Hong Kong Hungary Iceland India Indonesia Ireland Israel
Italy Jamaica Japan Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Liberia Malta Mexico Moldova Morocco
Netherlands New Zealand Nicaragua Norway Oman Pakistan Panama Paraguay Peru Philippines
Poland Portugal Romania Russia Saudi Arabia Senegal Serbia Singapore Slovakia South Africa
South Korea Spain Swaziland Sweden Switzerland Tajikistan Turkey UK Ukraine Uruguay
Uzbekistan Venezuela Other Countries

Non Participating Hague Convention Countries

Moreover, we provide a totally free review of your document; we know how much document authentication could be complicated and time-consuming for non-specialists in the authentication field. Our experts will revise your documents and advise you if you’ve missed any of the required procedures.

Starting from certifying your document from the State Notary Public to obtaining the US Department of State certification, and in case you intend to use your document in a non-participating foreign country we will ensure that you fulfilled all the embassy’s requirements.

We’ll guide you through all the demanded processes step-by-step until you get your document certified and eligible for international use.

Contact our customer support if you need any extra help. Our office welcomes you anytime if need an in-person guide.

In case you want us to complete all the process for you, DC Apostille will help you to get everything authenticated and done for you as fast as we can.

DC Apostille provides authentications, Notarization, certification, Apostille, and embassy legalization services for all types of federal, corporate, commercial, and personal documents issued in the United States and destined for International use.

We provide expedited document Apostille Service for Hague Apostille convention Participating Countries and embassy legalization for the rest of the World. Order Now.

The term “Apostille” is a French word, which means “to certify”, was first suggested by the signatory countries to the Apostille Treaty Hague Treaty 1961 to describe the accepted international form of authentication to legalize foreign public documents. The word is also pronounced “ Apostila” in Spanish.

The accepted Apostille attestation in the United States must contain fixed information in order for the document to be recognized abroad. Although every state issue different form of Apostille Stamp, However, each Apostille must contain this information regardless of the designated authority that issued the Apostille.

The Apostille Stamp is the simplified form of international authentication that was first introduced in 1961 during the Hague Apostille Convention to abolish foreign document legalization requirements and to replace its complicated procedures with a much simpler form, which is the “Apostille”.

However, there are over 75 countries across the globe that still require the legalization of its embassy in Washington DC to validate the use of US documents.

We will go through the required procedures to legalize a US document for use in a non-Hague Country. Follow these steps in the same order:

  1. County Clerk Certification and State notarization
  2. Secretary of State “Certification”
  3. US Department of State authentication
  4. Stamp of the US Arab Chamber of Commerce” for certain countries only”
  5. Embassy or consulate legalization

. The process takes several days and varies from one embassy to another. After you get embassy legalization for your document, it will be ready for use outside the United States.

  • Company issued document
  • Commercial Export document
  • Educational document
  • Vital Records
  • Federal document

Click on this link to know more about documents authentications.

The Apostille Convention is an international treaty, held in the Netherlands on 1961, to abolish the requirements of foreign documents.

Each signatory country to the Apostille Convention designated a competent authority to affix the Apostille Certificate to public documents destined for use in one of the other Hague Treaty members.

Here are the documents that must be authorized by US Department of State:

  • The Federal Drug and Food Administration (FDA).
  • The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).
  • The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
  • The Internal Revenue Service (IRS).
  • The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).
  • The Homeland Security Agency.
  • Social Security Agency

Find your state in the below link to know more about the requirements
States apostille requirements.

About Washington DC Apostille.

DC Apostille. is a private Apostille service provider in Washington DC, established to offer expeditious Apostille, Embassy Legalization Services for US Corporations and individuals at reasonable rates. Our Services includes Secretary of State Certification, US department of State Authentications, MD Notarization and the Stamp of the US Arab Chamber of Commerce USACC.

DC Apostille serves international apostilles for US documents destined for Hague Convention Participating Countries, in addition to Embassy Legalization for documents destined for use the Non-Hague Convention Countries.