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Federal Documents Apostille

DC Apostille provides expedited authentication services for federal documents destined for use outside the United States. We offer Apostille and legalization services for documents issued by federal agencies such as FDA, FBI, USPTO, USDA, IRS, EPA. SSA and Homeland Security Agency. Federal Apostille from US Department of State is accepted for use in the Hague Convention countries. While embassy legalization is an additional certification required for use in the Non-Hague Countries.

Corporate Documents Apostille

Washington DC Apostille assists US corporations establishing wide business connections by providing international Apostille and embassy legalization for all types of US documents.

As we believe in Sharing, we present the individuals Guide on how to obtain Secretary of State Apostille in all 50 States by yourself. You will not find a personal guide to State Apostille as accurate and comprehensive as ours. And remember, You first saw it at Washington DC Apostille.

DC Apostile provide Attestation, Notarization, certification, Apostille and embassy legalization service for all types of federal, corporate, commercial and personal documents issued in the United States and destined for International use.


We provide expedited document Apostille Service for Hague Apostille convention Participating Countries  and embassy legalization for the rest of the World. Order Now.

As Low as $45.00 per Apostille

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Embassy Attestation and Legalization Service in Washington DC

Our service includes:

  • MD Certification and Notarization
  • US Department of State Authentications
  • Embassy Legalization from foreign embassies and consulates in DC.
  • Arabic Translation.
Washington DC Apostille

Expedited Apostille Service in Washington DC

Our Service includes:

  • Free document review.
  • Online customer support.
  • Best competitive Apostille Price
  • Ultimate corporate solutions
  • Free personal State Apostille guide
Washington DC Apostille

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About Washington DC Apostille.

DC Apostille. is a private Apostille service provider in Washington DC, established to offer expeditious Apostille, Embassy Legalization Services for US Corporations and individuals at reasonable rates. Our Services includes Secretary of State Certification, US department of State Authentications, MD Notarization and the Stamp of the US Arab Chamber of Commerce USACC.

DC Apostille serves international apostilles for US documents destined for Hague Convention Participating Countries, in addition to Embassy Legalization for documents destined for use the Non-Hague Convention Countries.

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